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How do I back up my data?

There are 2 Vital steps when backing up your files. Backing up your current data and backing up your installation file or xxsetup.exe file. XX equals the name of the application, usually abbreviated. Example: Express Accounts is EAsetup.exe

1.) Backing up of data
You can back up your data to any storage device you wish by going to the (top toolbar) Accounts > Back Up Data.... Select which drive you would like to back your data up to USB Thumb drive, external hard drive or burn to a CD then click the 'Back up Data...' button. It is recommended that you do this procedure on a regular bases.

If you ever have a computer crash or you buy a new computer you can restore your data from your back up device. To restore your files connect your back up device, go to (top toolbar) Accounts -> Restore data... Click on the drive where the backed up data is.

2.) Backing up the original installation file
To back up your original installation file for Express Accounts use the following path to back up the setup file. From your local C: drive go to C:\Program Files\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts It is a good idea to back up the entire directory but make sure you back up the easetup.exe file to a USB thumb drive, external hard drive or burn to CD. This is the file you will use to re-intall your computer back to the original version of software that you purchased. This is important because your registration information only works with the version of software that was out at the time of your purchase.


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