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ClickCharts Diagram and Flowchart Software makes it easy to create a visual representation of a process, organization, mind map or other diagram. Flowcharts provide a unique way of organizing and displaying data so that even highly detailed and complex processes are easier to understand. This makes our free flow chart software an ideal method to troubleshoot, as well as an effective way to share information.

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Getting Started with ClickCharts

Making a chart of diagram with ClickCharts is easy. This video shows you around the program, so you know where to find all the useful tools and also teaches you a few shortcuts.

Diagram and Chart Templates

ClickCharts has five diagram templates to help you start your project. Easily make a Data Flow Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram, Flowchart, Mind Map or UML Class Diagram.

Personalizing and Editing a Diagram

Using ClickCharts is easy and intuitive. If you want a few extra tips to help you get started editing and personalizing your diagram or chart, this tutorial will guide you through the different options available in ClickCharts.

Note: the tutorials on this page are for ClickCharts beginning with version 1.38. For tutorials on other NCH Software products see the NCH Software YouTube Channel.

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ClickCharts Diagram and Flowchart Software is perfect for creating a visual representation of a process, organization, mind map or other diagram. Use the included templates to start the process or start with a blank chart. Easily update and edit charts using the editing tools. Export to pdf or an image file to share with other collaborators.

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