PlayPerfect Music Practice Software

Practice, learn and improve playing your musical instrument

A fun way to practice your favorite musical instrument.
  • Notes change color as you play, displaying how you're doing
  • Practice playing with or without a metronome
  • Change the tempo and practice at slower speeds as you learn
Visual cues, playback and performance reports help young musicians train their ear to detect notes that are wrong or out of tune. Make your musical practice sessions more effective with PlayPerfect music practicing software.

PlayPerfect is a completely free music practice program and we hope you will like it so much that you will try our other software for musicians and audio software for a complete set of audio editing and creation software tools.

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Practice Music Features
  • Moving cursor shows the next note
  • Notes change color to show if you played them right or wrong
  • Set the tempo, or speed, of the piece you are practicing
  • Practice with the built-in metronome to keep the tempo while you play
  • Performance reports give you an overall score and statistics on your practice session
  • Practice sessions are recorded as MP3 music files
  • Listen to your practice recordings from the performance report or practice history
  • Play loaded songs to hear what the music should sound like
  • Load MIDI files (.mid) or scores created by Crescendo Music Notation Software (.cdo)
  • Practice from and save songs in the library

Music Practice Software

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System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 and 8
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