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Essential Business Software Solutions

Invoicing Software

Use Express Invoice to manage and track all your customer billing. Easily create, print, email or fax invoices for quicker payment.
Also available for Android and iPad

Inventory Management Software

Inventoria is professional stock management software giving businesses of all sizes the ability to efficiently track all their inventory.

Point of Sale Software

Copper is a free cash register POS system storing product information, discounts and more for fast and efficient customer checkout.

Customer Relationship Manager

Create a centralized database of customer information with Reflect to help make better informed business decisions and improve customer loyalty.

Staff Productivity & Attendance

FlexiServer will automatically log employee attendance and monitor computer use making tracking hours and other management tasks easier.

Time Sheet Recorder

HourGuard timesheet software tracks how long you spend on various tasks. Particularly ideal for freelancers and professionals who bill by the hour.
Also available for Android

Accounting Software

Express Accounts professional business accounting software to document and report on business cash flow, including sales, receipts, payments and purchases.

Personal Finance Software

MoneyLine helps track your money, bank accounts and spending all in one place keeping you organized and in control of your finances.

Business Card Software

Design and print your own business cards with CardWorks. Select from a wide range of templates to customize for a tailor fit, professional look.

Business Presentation Software

Create effective slide presentations with Express Points to support, enhance and reinforce the data and information in any presentation.

Flowchart & Diagram Designer

Create a visual representations of business processes, your organization structure, mind maps and more with ClickCharts flowchart maker.
Also available for Android

Project Management Software

Plan and manage project tasks, resources and timing with Express Project with clear Gantt chart displays of a project's status.