Professional Video and Sound Recorder Programs

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Audio Recording and Editing

Make and edit music, voice and other audio recordings.Also available for iPhone, iPad and Android


Video Capture Software

Record video from your webcam and other devices.

Multi-Track Recording

Record multiple tracks, such as vocals and instruments, simultaneously using MixPad audio production software.
Also available for iPad and Android

Record Dictations

Record and share dictations with your typist from your computer using Express Dictate.
Also available for iPhone, iPad and Android

Voice Recorder

Record voice or audio from your computer easily using RecordPad software and a microphone.
Also available for iPhone, iPad and Android

Game Recording

Perfect your gaming skills or share some tips using Debut for game recording.

Screen Recording

Create How To videos, lectures or tutorials using Debut to record your computer screen.

Record Your Vinyl Records

Use Golden Records to easily convert your LP records and audio cassette tapes to CD or MP3.

Video Recorder

Use Debut to capture videos from a webcam, your screen, or a video capture device.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Record any audio playing through your computer with SoundTap and save as a mp3 or wav file.

Record & Edit Audio

For a complete audio solution, use WavePad to record, add effects and edit sound, music and voice files.