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Express Accounts Accounting Software Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Express Accounts Accounting Software".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 6 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

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Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 5.10

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2016-04-26

Version 5.09

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2016-02-11

Version 5.08

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2016-02-08

Version 5.07

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-04-01

Version 5.04

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-01-19

Version 5.03

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2015-01-14

Version 5.00

Windows Release
  • Add customer statements that support multiple customers
  • More streamlined tracking of Sales Tax Paid
  • Ensure editing transactions has consistent behavior in the Journal
  • Uploaded 2014-12-12

Version 4.99

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-10-21

Version 4.98

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-10-14

Version 4.97

Mac OS X Release
  • Import 'Chart of accounts' feature from other business
  • Uploaded 2014-09-05

Version 4.96

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-08-23

Version 4.94

Mac OS X Release
  • MAC reports should have a smaller font size to prevent column header truncation
  • Uploaded 2014-07-31

Version 4.93

Mac OS X Release
  • Add NCH logo watermark image to main window tabs
  • Uploaded 2014-07-15

Version 4.92

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-06-27

Version 4.91

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-06-17

Version 4.90

Windows Release
  • Income Tax Return
  • Interactive Business Reports
  • Create a report to match the US Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Add VAT Return report
  • Invoice preview should include all elements that would appear on an invoice
  • Add branding to UI
  • Uploaded 2014-06-13

Version 4.86

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-03-13

Version 4.85

Windows Release
  • Mailmerge integration with Word to allow letters to all customers or with filters eg. all customers with amounts more than X
  • Uploaded 2014-03-08

Version 4.84

Windows Release
  • Make use of built-in info bubbles to provide better guidance in-context
  • Add a Suite tab to Express Accounts
  • barcode support
  • Add 'Credit Note' feature in web
  • Uploaded 2014-02-27

Version 4.82

Windows Release
  • Improve Ex-Accounts windows and other interfaces
  • Uploaded 2014-01-21

Version 4.80

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-11-01

Version 4.79

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-10-11

Version 4.75

Windows Release
  • Simplify Discount options
  • Uploaded 2013-09-28

Version 4.74

Windows Release
  • New customization interface for invoices
  • Uploaded 2013-09-02

Version 4.73

Mac OS X Release
  • Customer view/edit dialog redesign
  • Supplier Statement
  • Uploaded 2013-08-30

Version 4.72

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-08-17

Version 4.71

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-07-20

Version 4.70

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2013-07-18

Version 4.69

Windows Release
  • Add the ability to import transactions from CSV and OFX files
  • Closed to Date
  • Improve Tax Rate Options Dialog
  • Redesign 'Account Payable' dialog layout and processing
  • Deleting an invoice after 'Record with pay' leaves the payment record
  • Implement locale specific chart of accounts
  • [Integration] ExpressAccount-Inventoria
  • Create block diagrams for Home, Sales, Purchases, and Banking tabs
  • Uploaded 2013-06-30

Version 4.67

Mac OS X Release
  • Options to add tax rates and percentages to invoices
  • Uploaded 2013-02-22

Version 4.66

Windows Release
  • Add Monthly and Annual Budget Functionality
  • Uploaded 2013-02-02

Version 4.62

Mac OS X Release
  • Option to add tax amount and tax percentage to each row of the invoice.
  • Incremental backup
  • Uploaded 2012-12-07

Version 4.61

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2012-09-27

Version 4.60

Mac OS X Release
  • In Web, Vehicle details and Vehicle Mileage details functionality not implemented.
  • Uploaded 2012-09-26
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