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NCH Software Beta Prerelease Versions

These are the "beta" prerelease versions of programs currently undergoing the final stages of testing. We make them available to a select list of very important customers before they are released to the general public. If you want to try the latest most feature packed versions of our software before the rest of the world gets to see them you can download them from this page.

These beta-prerelease versions have not completed testing and may have bugs, crash or otherwise malfunction. Use them at your own risk. They are provided strictly as-is.

If you find any problems during testing please submit a bug report using the link next to the download link below. All bugs reports are taken seriously. You can also make a feature suggestion for the next version if there is some improvement you would like to see.

VideoPad Video Editor v 7.32 for Windows
Express Burn Disc Burning v 8.09 for Mac OS X
Express Zip File Compression v 6.17 for Windows
Prism Video File Converter v 5.24 for Windows
PhotoStage Slideshow Producer v 6.27 for Windows
Express Zip File Compression v 6.17 for Mac OS X
Debut Video Capture Software v 5.58 for Windows
Express Invoice Invoicing Software v 7.18 for Windows
MixPad Multitrack Recorder v 5.56 for Windows
DreamPlan Home Design Software v 4.29 for Windows
ClickCharts Diagram Flowchart Software v 4.23 for Windows
RecordPad Sound Recorder v 8.04 for Windows
DreamPlan Home Design Software v 4.29 for Windows
Express Animate v 4.09 for Windows
WavePad Sound Editor v 9.42 for Windows
Express Schedule Employee Scheduling v 1.01 for Windows
WavePad Audio Editor v 9.42 for Mac OS X
FastFox Text Expander Software v 3.00 for Windows