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Cuando grabo desde la pantalla, la grabación es negra

When recording from screen, an application may show as a partly or completely black rectangle in the output recording. This can happen when the application uses certain video hardware acceleration techniques, such as video overlays. For example, some video player applications.

Debut for Windows v4.08 introduced a new screen capture method which provides better support for such applications. Debut will automatically use the new method if the machine is running Windows 8 or later and has display drivers which support WDDM 1.2 or later. To confirm if these requirements are met:

  • In Debut, click Help -> About Debut and confirm that the version shown is v4.08 or later.
  • Press the Windows+R keys to show Windows' Run dialog. Type dxdiag and click OK to launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:
    • On the System tab, confirm that System Information -> Operating System shows Windows 8 or later.
    • On each Display tab, confirm that Drivers -> Driver Model appears and shows WDDM 1.2 or later. (Note that there will be more than one Display tab on machines with multiple monitors.)

If the above requirements are not met, Debut can still capture the screen, however the old screen capture method will be used. In this case, disabling options such as Video acceleration or Overlay video in the application that you are trying to record may fix the problem.


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