DeskFX Audio Effects

DeskFX Amplify Audio Effect Amplify DeskFX Reverb Audio Effect Reverb DeskFX Low/High Pass Audio Effect Low/High Pass DeskFX Chorus Audio Effect Chorus DeskFX Compressor Audio Effect Compressor DeskFX Bass Boost Audio Effect Bass Boost

Enhance your experience while listening to:

Use DeskFX for Music Music
Use DeskFX for TV and Movies TV/Movies
Use DeskFX for Podcast Podcast
Use DeskFX for Audiobook Audiobook

Useful for Businesses

Use DeskFX for Gym


Energize workout routines with improved beats and background music tempos.
Use DeskFX for Foyer


Welcome any incoming guest by improving the sound quality of your entry room music.
Use DeskFX for Retail


Make the shopping experience better by amping up and clarifying the music.
Use DeskFX for Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Keep waiting room conversations private with pink noise to mask sounds.