How to Use FastFox to Improve Tech Support Response Times

Provide Better and Faster Technical Support

FastFox is a shorthand text expander program that can help improve customer service ratings by creating shortcuts for canned responses, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), knowledge base articles (kbs), general information, and links to use in live chat or email.

A Technical Support Professional is under significantly more pressure now in the day of live chat and social media-based support. Once done over email or phone, customers now demand immediate responses and quick resolutions from support teams. To handle the demand, the modern support agent needs to be organized, experienced, and have a little assistance from FastFox.

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To get started, you will need:

Once you have installed FastFox, it's easy to start setting up text shortcuts!

  1. Press Add(+) in the menu.
  2. Input the abbreviation or word in the "Shortcut:" box.
  3. Input the unabbreviated full phrase in the "Expansion" box and hit OK.
  4. In your mail or chat client, type the shortcut you used.
  5. Press space, and it will automatically fill in the full sentence!

Video Tutorial on How to Use FastFox Shorthand Software

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