Capture video on your computer

This guide shows you how to record live video from a webcam or other device to your PC. If you would like to know how to capture pre-recorded video (eg. DV tapes to PC), please see our 'How to capture pre-recorded video' guide.

Download Debut Video Capture Software

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  1. Download and install the free video recording software, Debut. To download now, click here.
  2. If you are capturing from a webcam, connect the device to your computer now.
  3. If you are capturing from another device, (eg. from a VHS player or TV capture card) check now that the device is active and working properly.
  4. Open the Debut software.
  5. You will be prompted to select the sound device you would like to use for capturing the audio part of your video. Follow the instructions and click 'Finish' when done. If you are not prompted with this window when you open Debut, go to File > Run Audio Setup Wizard...

  6. You will now be ready to capture video to your computer. Click the record button on the bottom left of the window to begin recording. When finished, click stop. You can pause recording at any time by clicking the pause button. To resume recording, click the record button again.

  7. If you would like, Debut also has a number of different settings you can change before you begin recording. You can change the dimensions and output format or your video, and the location where your videos are saved. You can also set a maximum recording time. There are many handy settings available, so open the options window now from the toolbar and have a look around.

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Download Debut here:

Download Now

Simply download and install Debut to begin capturing videos