How to Add Audio to a Slideshow with PhotoStage

An easy way to bring dynamism to your slideshow or presentation and help improve viewer engagement is by adding audio. Your audio can be made up of voiceover narration, music, sound effects and more!

Whether it’s a simple background score, sound effects that play with the transitions, or a voiceover describing the presentation, adding audio to the slideshow slides can take the entire slideshow to another level. Learn how to add audio to a slideshow using PhotoStage Slideshow Maker.

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    1. Download PhotoStage Slideshow Software

    Download and install PhotoStage Slideshow Software. Follow the installation instructions and then launch the program on your computer to begin creating.

    Image displaying how to download PhotoStage Slideshow Maker

    2. Add Your Photos and Videos

    Click the Add Media button and select your desired photos and videos to add to the slideshow. Alternatively, select the Add Photos and Add Videos buttons from the slideshow media panel.

    Image displaying how to add photos and videos to media list

    3. Import Audio to the Slideshow Media List

    PhotoStage SlideShow Maker supports a range of audio capabilities. Before adding audio to the slideshow, all media files including audio files need to be added to the media list first. Below are the different audio types that can be added to a slideshow.

    Import Music to Slideshow Media List

    To add music or existing audio files to the slideshow, select the Add Music option from the main toolbar and choose your music files to import into the media list.

    Image displaying how to import music to slideshow

    Import Sound Effects to Slideshow Media List

    Select the Sounds icon from the main toolbar to access the NCH Sound Library, which is filled with a significant variety of royalty-free sound effects. Click on the play icon to preview the sound effect and click Download to add the sound effect to the slideshow media list.

    Image displaying how to import sound effects to slideshow

    Record & Import Narration to Slideshow Media List

    Before narrating, ensure your photos and videos have been added as slides to the timeline. From the main toolbar, click the Narrate icon. Select the input source, click the red record icon to begin recording your narration. Click the stop button to finish your narration. Your audio recording will be saved to the output location that was set. Click the Add Audio button to add your audio narration file to the slideshow media list.

    Image displaying how to record and import narration to slideshow

    4. Add Audio to Slideshow

    Once the audio files have been added to the slideshow media list. Select the audio file and drag and drop the file into the audio clip track. Alternatively, right-click the audio file and select Add item(s) to the slideshow.

    Image displaying how to add audio to a slideshow

    5. Adjust Audio Clips

    Trim the audio clip by hovering the mouse over one of the ends and then drag it left or right to adjust the length of the audio. To further edit the audio clip, right-click the audio clip and select the desired editing features such as fade in, fade out, loop clip until the end of the slideshow, adjust volume, and more.

    Image displaying how to adjust audio clips in slideshow

    That’s it! You have successfully learned how to add audio to a slideshow. Further adjust your slideshow by adding effects, transitions, animations and then the only thing left is to export your slideshow, bring the family over and watch your amazing slideshow on your favorite device.

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