How to Add Text to a Photo

This guide shows you how to add text to a photo. Add text to images with ease and apply text styling and text effects to create your own professional graphic design projects.

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  1. Download and install PhotoPad Photo Editing Software.
  2. Open your image into PhotoPad by pressing Ctrl + O on your keyboard or by dragging and dropping it directly into the program.
  3. Select the Tools tab, then, click the Text button to add a new text layer in the layers panel and open a text box onto your image.

  4. To move text on your image, hover the mouse over the text box until the 4 sided arrow appears. Then simply click and drag your text wherever you would like. To rotate your text, click on the curved arrow at the top of your text box or select your text and type the value in the Rotation (degrees) box.

  5. To change your font, highlight your text and then select a new font option from the dropdown menu. You can change the color of your font and make your text bold, italicized or underlined.

  6. Check the Background Color box to add a colored background in your text box that your text will apear on top of. Click on the color bar to open the Edit Colors window and change the color of the background behind your text.

  7. Check the Shadow box to apply a drop shadow effect to your copy. Adjust the strength and distance of the shadow using the controls beneath.

  8. Use the Inner Glow and Outer Glow effects to really make your text jump off the page. You can change the color and intensity of the glow using the controls beneath. Check the Bevel and Emboss box to apply this effect that will round the edges of your text and give it a 3D look.

  9. The very last option on the text layers tab allows you to adjust the opacity of the text. Drag the arrow left or right on the control to change the transparency of your text against the image.

  10. When you are finished editing and adjusting your text, you can click anywhere outside of the text box on your image to view your finished result.

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Simply download and install PhotoPad to begin adding text to photos

Download PhotoPad Photo Editing Software