How to Blur the Background of a Photo

A guide to demonstrate how to blur the background of a photo in PhotoPad

Make your subject stand out by blurring the background of your photo. PhotoPad will let you blur unwanted portions or emphasize parts of your photo.

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  1. Add a file by clicking Open on either the start screen or the Home toolbar. You may also click CTRL +O or drag and drop a file or folder into the program. Open File.

  2. Click Local Focus on the Effects toolbar. Local Focus options will appear in the Effects and Layers panel located on the right side of the window. A pair of overlapping circles will appear over your photo.

    Use the Local Focus Layer to draw attention to a particular area of your photo.

    *Inside the inner circle, the canvas will remain clear.
    *Outside the outer circle, the image will be blurred.
    *Between the inner and outer circles is a gradual change from sharp to blurred. Use Local Focus Layer

  3. Select the Blur Type using the radio buttons under the Effects and Layers panel located on the right side of the window. Play around with different options to find the best one for your project. Select Blur Type.

  4. Click inside the overlapping circles and drag to position the focus point. You can also click and drag a circle's edge to resize the circle. Position focus point.

  5. Adjust the strength of the blur using the slider under the Effects and Layers panel. Slide to the right to increase the blur and slide to the left to decrease the amount of blur or sharpness of the edges. Adjust Blur Strength.

  6. Once you are finished editing your photo, make sure to click the Save button on the home tab to save your changes. This will overwrite your original image. To keep your original file, click the arrow next to the Save button and select one of the Save As options.

    Save your photo as a PhotoPad project if you want to continue editing later. This gives you the ability to make more edits in the Effects and Layers panel. Save to jpg or png to share your file with others or to print your image. Save your photo.

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