How to Distort Your Voice

A guide demonstrating how to distort your voice using Voxal Voice Changer

Voice modification has always been a fun way to disguise your voice and create entire new characters in different worlds. This process is simple with Voxal Voice Changing software. Learn how quick and easy it is to modify your voice and take your voice changing skills to a whole new level.

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  1. Begin by downloading Voxal Voice Changer. Once installed, make sure the software is up and running. Voxal will provide you with a successful message that reads: “Voxal has started correctly” in the log window at the bottom of the screen. Voxal main interface screenshot

  2. Begin modifying your voice by selecting a pre-set voice from the left panel of your screen. To preview a voice, click on the voice you would like to sample and select “Preview” on the main interface. The “Preview Voice Effect” will be prompted: Select a voice from the preset list of categories and preview

  3. Begin speaking into your microphone and when you are done previewing your voice, click “Stop”.
    Click the “Listen” button to hear the sentence with the voice effect applied.

  4. Under “Options” you can change the preview to apply the effect as you speak: Preview the voice effect
    When you choose this option, you will hear the voice through your headphones live while you’re speaking into the microphone.

  5. To create your own custom effect, click on the “New” button under the main interface. Type in a name for your modified effect and then click “OK”

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