How to Change to Mp3 Format

A guide to demonstrate how to change to mp3 format.

Mp3 files are commonly used for sending and storing audio files in compressed form without sacrificing quality. Changing audio files to mp3 format can be done quickly and with ease using Switch audio File Converter Software.

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  1. Launch Switch Audio Converter.
  2. Open your copy of Switch Audio Converter onto your computer. If you do not have a copy of Switch, the software can be downloaded here: Switch Audio File Converter Software

  3. Import Files into Switch
  4. Import your files into Switch by clicking on the green Add files button or by simply dragging and dropping your files from your file browser directly into Switch. how to add files into switch to convert audio files to mp3

  5. Set the Output Destination
  6. Use the Save to Folder: drop-down menu or the Browse button to set your output folder. Check the box next to these options to simply save your files to the same folder as the source files. This will have your converted mp3 files appear in the folder right next to their original versions.

    how to set the output destination for audio files converted to mp3 files

  7. Set the Output Format
  8. Click on the Output Format menu at the bottom of the program to open the drop-down menu. Select .mp3 as your output format to change to mp3 format.

    how to set the output format to mp3 for changing to mp3 format

  9. Change to Mp3 Format
  10. Click on the Convert button in the bottom right of the program to change to mp3 format. The conversion will be performed on your selected files and your newly converted mp3 files will now be available in your chosen output folder.

    using Switch file conversion software to convert media files to mp3 format

Now you that you know how to change to mp3 format, try it for yourself!

Download Switch Audio Converter:

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Simply download and install Switch MP3 file converter to start converting your files to mp3 format.

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