How to Convert Video to Audio Using Prism

Convert Video to Audio files using this intuitive software.

  • Video file(s)
  • A Computer
  • Prism Video Converter Software

    With Prism it is simple to convert all popular video formats from one format to another. However, Prism also contains the ability to save the audio from your video files by extracting the audio and converting it to MP3 or WAV. Whether you need to edit the audio from your video files, or are simply looking to extract it, Prism makes the conversion effortless.

    Follow the steps below to easily convert your video file to audio.

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  1. Begin by adding your video files to Prism. Add files by clicking on the “Add Files” button or simply dragging and dropping files into the file list: Install Prism and add your files.

  2. Once you have your files selected, open the “Output Format” dropdown list and select either MP3 or WAV. Select your files, and choose MP3 or WAV in the Output Format list

  3. Prism allows you to save your newly converted audio files to the same folder as your video file or a separate folder. This makes it easy to locate your files in the future. Select your output folder, then click “Convert” on the bottom right of the window.

    Converting video to audio is as easy as 1,2,3 with Prism! Simply add your files, select MP3 or WAV and click convert!

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Simply download and install Prism Video Converter Software to begin.

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