How to Create a Blu-ray Menu with Express Burn

Burning a video to a Blu-ray disc is great, but adding a Blu-ray menu will bring your Blu-ray to life. Whether you’re burning a Blu-ray for short films, movies, home films, business presentations, or video compilations, creating Blu-ray menus is a must.

We have all heard the saying, “First impressions matter” and it applies to your Blu-rays as well. As the first screen your audience sees and the centerpiece of your movie, a Blu-ray menu makes your Blu-ray movie more professional and stands out from the crowd rather than just looking like another low-budget production.

Blu-ray menus allow viewers to easily navigate through the video and choose specific parts or chapters of the video to watch. With Express Burn you can not only burn videos, add Blu-ray chapters, but you can easily apply Blu-ray menu templates and edit them accordingly. Learn how to create a Blu-ray menu in just a couple of steps with Express Burn Blu-ray Menu Maker, one of the best Blu-ray creators available.

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    1. Download Express Burn Disc Burning Software

    Download Express Burn Blu-ray Creator Software for free. Follow the installation instructions and after the installation is completed, insert a blank Blu-ray into your computer and launch Express Burn. Image displaying how to download Express Burn Blu-ray Menu Maker

    2. Add Video Files

    A dialog box will appear that asks you to select the type of disc you are burning. Select Video Blu-ray and click Create. In the top menu bar, click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder button to add your videos into the burning program. You can also drag and drop your video files directly into the program to burn them as well. If you select a video file you don't require on the Blu-ray, right-click and select Remove. Image displaying how to import video files

    3. Select Blu-ray Menu Template

    Under the Video Blu-ray toolbar, click the Create Menu button to create a menu for your Blu-ray. In the Blu-ray Menu Creator window, begin by selecting your desired template. For more options, click the Check for New Templates option to download more menu templates. Image displaying how to select a Blu-ray menu template

    4. Edit Blu-ray Menu Text

    In the preview panel, edit the Title and Subtitle text of your Blu-ray menu. Use the Text alignment options to adjust the alignment of the menu text - left, right, center. Image displaying how to edit text fields of Blu-ray menu template

    5. Add Background Image to Blu-ray Menu

    To add your own image as the background of the Blu-ray menu, click on the Select custom image for this template button in the preview panel, and choose your photo. Image displaying how to add background image to menu template

    6. Create a Blu-ray Menu

    Once you have finished editing the Blu-ray menu, click Save Menu to create a Blu-ray menu. Image displaying how to create a Blu-ray menu

    And there you have it! You have successfully learned how to create a Blu-ray menu with Express Burn. After you have finished adjusting the other video settings and features, click the Burn Video Blu-ray button to start burning your Blu-ray movie. Once that’s done, all that is left to call your friends and family over, pop in your brand new Blu-ray into the Blu-ray player, and watch your film!

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