How to Create an HDR Image with PhotoPad

Have you ever come across a beautiful landscape and had the immediate urge to take out your camera and take a photo? Often you will notice that the photo fails to capture the original beauty of the moment, especially when it is a high-contrast scene. With PhotoPad and its sophisticated HDR processing tool, you will learn how to create an HDR image in just a couple of clicks.

HDR Photography or High Dynamic Range photography is the technique of merging multiple images with different exposures to create a single image with overall correct exposure. PhotoPad HDR merger allows you to easily create an HDR image with so much dynamic range and detail that wouldn’t otherwise be achieved with a normal photo.

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    1. Capture Different Exposure Images

    Ensure you have at least three images with different exposures. Ideally, the first image captures a mid-range exposure shot, the second captures the highlights with higher exposure and the third image is a lower exposure shot that captures the shadows.

    Tip! For even better results, capture additional photos that represent various exposures between the two extremes.

    Image displaying how to capture different exposure images

    2. Download PhotoPad Photo Editor

    Download and install PhotoPad Photo Editor. Follow the installation instructions and then launch the program on your computer to begin editing.

    Image displaying how to download PhotoPad Photo Editor

    3. Create an HDR Image

    Navigate to the Tools tab in the main toolbar and click on the HDR icon. In the dialog, select the dark, medium and bright exposure images by holding the Ctrl key and click Open.

    Image displaying how to create an HDR image

    PhotoPad will now automatically align and combine your different images into an HDR image. If you do not want to take multiple images, you can also create an HDR image from a single RAW image with neutral lightning and create different exposure images digitally with PhotoPad.

    Image displaying the final HDR image

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Simply download and install PhotoPad Photo Editor to begin creating HDR images.

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