How to Crop a Video

A guide to demonstrate how to crop a video using VideoPad

VideoPad is a fully featured video editor that lets you easily crop your videos in minutes. The crop effect can be used for removing a border from an image clip, unwanted edges, or black bars from a video saved in an incorrect aspect ratio.

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  1. Click Open on the Home tab toolbar to add a video. You may also click CTRL +O or drag and drop a file or folder into the File bin. Click Open to Add a Video.

  2. Drag and drop your video from the Video File bin onto the sequence timeline. Drag and drop video to sequence timeline

  3. Select your video in the Video Files Bin, then click the Video Effects button on the Home toolbar. Select Crop from the list of effects. The crop effect can also be applied to a clip on the timeline by clicking the FX button on the bottom left of the clip. This opens the effects dialog. Click the Add button and select Crop. Select Crop from Video Effects Option

  4. Click and drag the crop widget square to adjust the crop. You can also use the sliders on the effects dialog or enter the crop percentage. To move the crop, click in the middle of the selection until the cursor becomes a four-sided arrow and drag to your desired position.

    Note: The crop widget is a dotted line with small squares along the border. The cropped parts of the clip will be left blank. These are the areas that show as chequered grey and white in the thumbnails. Drag and drop crop widget.

  5. You can also Crop the clip to a given aspect ratio by selecting the ratio from the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu. A Custom aspect ratio will allow you to edit the crop region freely. The Original aspect ratio will preserve the width:height ratio of the original input image. Select Aspect Ratio.

  6. Once you are finished, click the Save Project button on the home tab to save your VideoPad project. To export your video, select Video File from the Export Video button dropdown. Follow the steps in the Wizard to save your file in the desired format.

    Note: If you export your new file to the same folder as the original file in the same format, it will overwrite the original file. Use a different file name if you would like to have both the original and the edited file. Save Project.

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