How to Design a Business Card with CardWorks

We all know that first impressions matter. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or part of an established enterprise, if you haven’t got a business card that you can hand out to prospective clients and customers, you are missing out on a key marketing opportunity and stand out amongst your competitors.

Exchanging business cards when attending networking events and conferences is crucial for a follow-up later and one of the easiest ways to share your contact details and communicate with them. Ensuring the business card represents you and your business in the best possible way lies in how the business card is created and designed.

Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars in getting graphic designers to design a business card for you, this article will show you how to design a business card with no creative design skills required, in just a couple of steps using CardWorks Business Card Software.

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    1. Download CardWorks Business Card Design Software

    Download CardWorks Business Card Design Software. Follow the installation instructions and then launch the program on your computer to begin creating. Image displaying how to download CardWorks Business Card Design Software

    2. Select Template

    Click Open and navigate to the Templates folder, you will see a wide range of designs. Alternatively, you can also select a template from the “Select Your Design” window. Keep in mind the shape and layout and select your desired template. For more free business card design templates, click here. Image displaying how to select business card design template

    3. Enter Business Card Details

    In the left-hand column, enter the business information including names, logo or image, phone number, email, website, LinkedIn and more. You can also further customize the text by changing the font size and color. Image displaying how to add business card details

    4. Design Business Card

    Start customizing the layout of the card. In the display window, drag the different sections (eg- Name, company address, email, etc) around the layout according to your preference.

    Do not forget about the back of the card. Adding a slogan or brand logo will create a lasting impression on the viewer.

    Tip! Make sure important information is in, but not overcrowding the layout. There needs to be a focal point that drives the eyes to the most crucial information whether it be the name, brand imagery, or contact information. Image displaying how to design business card layout

    5. Export or Print

    After you have finished the proofreading process, it is time to export your business card. Click the Export button in the main toolbar and adjust the card layout and margin settings along with the bleeds and crop marks. Once you are happy with the settings, click Export again to save the business card as a PDF file so you can send it to a professional printing service.

    If you plan on printing the business cards yourself, click the Print button, adjust the settings and hit Print to connect to your printer. Image displaying how to export business card design

    And that’s how to design a business card quickly and easily. The only thing left is to start handing out those brand-new printed business cards. Try out CardWorks Business Card Designer for free and get designing!

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