How to Distort Your Voice

A guide demonstrating how to distort your voice using Voxal Voice Changer

Whether you’re trying to play a joyful prank on your peers or simply have some extra time on your hands; distorting your voice can be fun and exciting. Our voice changer allows your voice to be distorted into unlimited characters by changing pitch, semitones, and timbre all while outputting a fun and playful new voice.

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  1. Download and install Voxal Voice Changer and launch the program on your computer. Notice the bottom of the screen. Voxal will notify you if the installation was successful. Be sure the message bar indicates that the application has “Started correctly”. Voxal main interface screenshot

  2. Select your desired voice effect from the pre-set list of categories. The different categories include: People, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Strange and Silly, Effects and Location. From “Female” to “Alien” the possibilities are endless. Select a voice from the preset list of categories

  3. Once you choose the voice you like, use your microphone or headset to begin talking. If you like the sample, select “Preview” The Preview Voice Effect box will appear. Select the “Edit” option to open the effects control box.
    Preview the voice effect

  4. Voxal allows for your voice effects to be edited in real time. Reduce or increase the Wah-Wah, echo, or voice pitch shifter, all from this screen: Edit voice dialog

  5. If you are happy with your voice recording, save it using the save button from the main interface. With Voxal, voice distortion has never been easier! Make sure to use Voxal with third party applications like Skype, and TeamSpeak.
    Skype logoTeamSpeak logo

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