How to Make a Venn Diagram with ClickCharts

Everyone knows what a Venn diagram looks like, right? A great visual representation, the Venn diagram shows the relationships between data sets or groups, commonly consisting of two or three overlapping circles.

Whether you have that business presentation where you need to showcase how your company is overspending on advertising in five locations or you need to show the similarities between two animal species for your next classroom presentation, in both cases you can use Venn diagrams to prove them.

Learn how to make Venn diagrams easily and visualize your data and concepts with ClickCharts Venn Diagram maker software.

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    1. Download ClickCharts Diagram Software

    Download ClickCharts Venn Diagram Maker. Follow the instructions to install ClickCharts and launch the program on your computer to begin creating. Image displaying how to download ClickCharts Venn Diagram Maker

    2. Select Venn Diagram Template

    Select Create New option from the ClickCharts welcome dialogue. From the templates and examples menu, select Venn Diagram. Image displaying how to select Venn diagram templates

    3. Edit Venn Diagram Design

    Right-click the Venn Diagram circles and select Properties to edit the diagram color fill, outlines, font and font sizes, and more.

    If you would like to compare only two categories in your Venn diagram, click the third circle, and click Delete from the Edit tab in the main toolbar. Image displaying how to edit the venn diagram design properties

    4. Add Text to Venn Diagram

    Double click on any text area to edit the text. You can also change the font settings from the pop-up.

    To add new text fields to the Venn diagram, click the Text button from the main toolbar and click where you would like to add the text box. You can also drag and drop the text fields around the diagram. Image displaying how to add text to Venn diagram

    5. Export or Print Venn Diagram

    Click the Save button to save the Venn diagram as a PDF or an image. To print the Venn diagram, click the Print button and adjust the print settings as necessary and select Print.

    Image displaying how to print Venn diagram

    And there you have it, you have successfully learned how to make a Venn diagram. The final step is to present your professional Venn diagram chart and earn all the plaudits! Download ClickCharts and start creating Venn diagrams and other charts right away!

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