How to Record Computer Audio with SoundTap

Recording audio or your voice is a fairly easy process. You install a tool like RecordPad voice recorder, plug in a microphone and press that big red record button. But what if you wanted to record computer audio? What if you wanted to record the audio coming out of a browser, YouTube, Skype, video games, live streams, etc?

Learning how to record any audio playing on the computer is very handy if you want to create your own vlogs, podcasts, digital presentations, screen capture tutorials and more. Luckily, with SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder, you can learn how to record computer audio in a couple of steps.

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    1. Download SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

    Download and install SoundTap Computer Audio Recorder. Follow the instructions to install SoundTap and launch the program on your computer. You will be required to restart your computer after downloading so the app can use your computer’s audio driver to capture sound and audio playing on your computer. Image displaying how to download SoundTap Computer Audio Recorder

    2. Set the File Type and Output Destination

    Click the Options button in the main toolbar and in the pop-up window, choose where you like to save your audio recording. Under the Output format dropdown, select the desired format as WAV or MP3. Click on the Change Settings.. button to further adjust the encoding settings. Once you have finished adjusting your settings, click OK. Image displaying how to change audio file options

    3. Find Audio Source to Record

    Locate the audio source on your computer that you wish to record. SoundTap can record any audio that is playing on the computer whether it is internet radio, Skype or Zoom calls, online videos, video games, the list goes on. Open the application or file that you want to record the sound of. Image displaying how to play audio source that is to be recorded

    4. Record Computer Audio

    Select the Start Recording button to begin recording the computer audio. While SoundTap is recording, the program will record any audio input that is playing on the device or speakers. If you wish to record audio from a microphone in addition to the audio playing on your computer, tick the Also record from microphone checkbox. Image displaying how to record computer audio with SoundTap

    5. Save Recorded Audio

    Click the Stop Recording button once you are finished recording the computer audio. Your recorded high-definition audio files will be saved in the default location that you set in Step 2. Alternatively, select the Find & Play button in the main toolbar to listen to your recordings and see where they are saved. Image displaying how to export recorded computer audio

    And there you have it! You have successfully learned how to record computer audio with SoundTap. Try it out for free today! Happy recording!

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