How to Rotate a Video Using Prism Video Converter

Step-by-step Instructions to successfully Rotate your Videos

  • A Computer
  • A video file
  • Prism Video Converter Software

    With today’s media flooding every aspect of the internet; videos have become a popular platform to get your messages across. Having the right tool will allow you to present your videos the precise way you want them delivered. Learn how to easily rotate a video using Prism Video Converter and reach a broader audience by following the next steps:

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  1. Begin by downloading Prism Video Converter. Follow the on-screen instructions and open the application on your Mac or PC. Start the process by adding files. To do this, click the “Add Files” button on the main screen and add as many or as few as you would like: Install Prism and add your files.

  2. Once your videos have been uploaded and selected, you are now able to begin the editing process. Click on the “Effects” button near the bottom of the interface. In the effects menu, is where you can choose from a variety of video effects you can apply to your videos during the conversion and rotation process: Open the video effects menu and choose “rotate”.

  3. To rotate your video, click on the video you would like to rotate. Once you have it selected, click on the “Effects” button and click on the tab menu that says, “Rotate and Flip”. You can rotate your video clockwise, or counterclockwise. You can also choose to mirror your video. At the bottom of this menu, you can choose to apply this rotation to the selected video, or batch edit all of your files.
    Rotate and flip your video.

  4. Before converting your videos to the output format of your choice, Prism allows you to choose a new destination for your newly rotated videos. At the bottom of the program, choose an existing folder or create a new one for your edited files. During this step, you can select the output format you would like your new videos to be converted to: Add and format your subtitles.

  5. Once you have chosen the new destination and the output format for your edited videos, simply click the “Convert” button located on the main interface near the bottom right of your screen. Prism will rotate the videos, apply any other effects you may have chosen, and convert them all while storing them in the destination folder you have chosen. It is that simple! Add and format your subtitles.

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