How to Record Your Computer Screen

A guide to demonstrate how to record your computer screen

Knowing how to record video on your computer is a good skill to have. Being able to record and capture video playing on your computer allows you to record streaming video, video conferences, gameplay, and more. With a simple video capture and screen recorder software like Debut Screen Recorder Software, you can quickly learn how to record any video playing on your computer screen.

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  1. Download Debut Video Recording Software
  2. Download and install Debut Computer Screen Recording Software and launch the program on your computer.

  3. Select the Recording Source
  4. Select your recording source from the options in the main toolbar. Debut lets you capture and record video from a webcam, network camera, computer screen, and other video devices. To record your computer screen, click on the Screen option.

    Selecting a screen recording source in Debut screenshot

  5. Select the Recording Window
  6. You can select your recording window from the dropdown in the step above, or you can do so beneath the main preview window. From here you can choose to record your entire computer screen, a single window on your screen, or draw your own selection around the specific area on your screen that you wish to record.

    Selecting a recording screen in Debut screenshot

  7. Start Recording Your Screen
  8. With your recording source set to record your screen and your recording window now selected, you are ready to begin your screen recording. Click on the red record button to start capturing video from your computer screen.

    Screen recording with Debut screenshot

  9. Save & Share Your Screen Recording
  10. Once you are finished recording your video, you can click on the stop button to stop your screen recording. Your video can now be found in the Videos folder on your computer. You can change the output location for future screen recordings in the options menu if desired.

    Exporting screen capture videos from Debut screenshot

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