How to Slow Down a GIF with Express Animate

A guide on decreasing GIF speed in Express Animate

Whether you are creating animated GIFs for product illustrations, display advertisements, or memes, the overall viewer experience is very important. If the playback speed of your GIF file is too fast, viewers may be distracted and miss the intended purpose of the GIF. Whether it's for a dramatic effect or you want to experience the GIF in all its glory, learning how to slow down a GIF is a great editing skill to acquire when creating high-quality GIFs. With Express Animate GIF Editing software, you can slow down a GIF with ease.

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    1. Download Express Animate

    Download and install Express Animate GIF Editor and launch the program on your computer.

    2. Load GIF File(s)

    Upload your GIF file, by navigating to the Home tab toolbar and selecting Load Media Files. You can also drag and drop GIFs directly into the program to begin editing.

    Load GIF Files

    3. Open Speed Change Tool

    Select the GIF under the Composition panel on the left or at the bottom. Right-click on the GIF and select the Adjust Speed... option.

    Open Speed Change Tool

    4. Decrease GIF Speed

    Adjust the speed of the GIF by decreasing the percentage value. By default, the speed of the GIF is set at 100%, which is real-time. To decrease the speed of the GIF, choose a value under 100%. If you decrease the GIF speed to 50% your GIF will play half as fast. Hit Set to save the new speed value. Test different speed levels and preview your GIF by clicking play beneath the project window.

    Decrease GIF Speed

    5. Save and Export GIF

    Go to the File menu, choose Save Video, and select Animated GIF under the Preset option to export your GIF. You can also manually adjust the GIF resolution and frame rate in this dialog.

    Save and Export GIF

    6. Enjoy!

    You have successfully learned how to slow down a GIF. All that’s left is to share your new slower GIF!

    Enjoy GIF

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