How to Speed Up a Video

A guide to demonstrate how to speed up a video

Learning how to speed up videos is a great video editing effect to learn. Making your video speed playback faster allows you to show the passage of a long amount of time quickly. This is great for creating time lapses or other videos where a faster playback speed creates a better viewing experience. With a simple video editor like VideoPad Video Editing Software you can quickly learn how to speed up a video on your computer.

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  1. Download VideoPad
  2. Download and install VideoPad Video Editing Software and launch the program on your computer.

  3. Import Video File(s)
  4. Import your videos into VideoPad by clicking on the Add Files icon and selecting the video clip or video clips that you would like to speed up. You can also drag and drop video files directly into the program to begin editing.

    Importing video files into VideoPad screenshot

  5. Change Clip Speed
  6. Right click on one of your video clips in the media bin to speed up the video. At the bottom of the drop-down menu, select the option that says Change Clip Speed. You can also do this with clips that are already in your timeline. You can speed up a video clip by typing the video speed as a percentage directly into the Speed (%) box.

    Change video clip speed in VideoPad screenshot

  7. Preview Video Clip
  8. By default, the speed is set to 100%, which is real-time. Increasing your video speed to 200% will make your video play twice as fast and 300% would make it three times as fast. Once you have set your new clip speed, click OK. You can preview the new video speed in the Clip Preview window and drag it into your timeline when you are satisfied.

    Preview video clip in VideoPad Video Editor screenshot

  9. Unlink Audio
  10. Once you have changed the speed of your video, you can drag the clip into the timeline to perform any further editing. Here you can cut and trim your video clip as well as add effects ad transitions. If the video you chose to speed up has audio in it, you may want to remove the audio. You can do this by right clicking on the audio channel of the clip and selecting Unlink Audio. Once the audio is unlinked from the video you can simply delete the audio track from your timeline.

    Unlink audio from video in VideoPad Video Editing Software

  11. Export Your Video
  12. Now that you have learned how to speed up a video, you are ready to export your video. Click on the Export tab in the main toolbar and select Video File or click on the Menu tab to choose the same option from the drop-down menu. Set your export file settings and then sit back and watch your new video.

    Exporting videos in VideoPad video editing software

  13. Enjoy!
  14. How to speed up a video with VideoPad

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