How To Stabilize Video with VideoPad

Unless you are going for that handheld found footage video style, shaky videos can be uncomfortable to watch and are a sign of amateurism. In an ideal world, you would have all the equipment like a tripod or gimbal, perfect camera settings, and less jittery hands to keep your video stable during filming. However, it is easier said than done, making shaky camera footage a part of reality. Furthermore, if you are only in charge of editing the video, you do not have control over the filming and find yourself with shaky video footage thinking all hope is lost.

Before you think about discarding your video, with the help of VideoPad Video Editor, anything is possible. Learn how to stabilize video and salvage that shaky footage you thought you couldn’t use, in just a couple of clicks using VideoPad video stabilization software.

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    1. Download VideoPad Video Editor

    Download and install VideoPad Video Stabilizer. Follow the installation instructions and then launch the program on your computer to begin editing.

    Image displaying how to download and install VideoPad Video Editor

    2. Import Video

    Click the Add File(s) button in the main toolbar and select the video files to import into the VideoPad file bin. You can also drag and drop your video file into VideoPad.

    Image displaying how to import video files into VideoPad

    3. Stabilize Shaky Video Footage

    Right-click on the video in the Media List and select Stabilize Video to open the Deshaker Options dialog. This feature uses a deshaker filter to eliminate camera shakiness and makes panning, rotation, and zooming on the video clips smoother. Adjust the options if necessary and click OK to add the anti-shake effect and automatically start stabilizing the video clip.

    Image displaying how to stabilize shaky video

    4. Save and Export Video

    Once you have finished adding video effects and editing the rest of the video, click Export Video from the toolbar and select one of the many export options and output formats to save your new stabilized video.

    Image displaying how to export video

    And that’s it! You have successfully learned how to stabilize video using the VideoPad Video Editing Software. No need for fancy equipment or expensive video stabilizers to polish your videos and make them look more professional. Download VideoPad Video and Image Stabilization Software today to smooth out your wobbly video.

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