How to Transfer Video to PC

A guide to demonstrate how to transfer video to PC

Learning how to transfer video to PC will let you save your videos in a secure location, play them back on a much larger screen, edit them to make movies, and share them with whomever you would like. With a simple video editing software such as VideoPad Video Editing Software, you can edit and transfer video to PC with ease.

Download VideoPad video editing software

  1. Launch VideoPad
  2. Open your copy of VideoPad Video Editor onto your computer. If you do not have a copy of VideoPad, the software can be downloaded here: VideoPad Video Editor

  3. Import Files into VideoPad
  4. Click on the Add Files tab to open your computer's file browser or from the main menu select File > Add File(s) From the file finder window, you can select your SD Card or other external device and open the videos you would like to transfer to your PC into VideoPad. how to add files to transfer video to PC

  5. Edit Your Video
  6. Drag your video clip or clips into the VideoPad timeline to make any edits you would like before transferring your video to PC. Apply transitions and effects, crop and trim your clips and add captions and overlay text to bring your videos to life.

    how to edit video to transfer to PC

  7. Transfer Video to PC
  8. With your clip or clips in your timeline, go to the main menu and select File > Export video... Select your output destination and file type and then click Create to transfer your videos to your PC.

    how to export video to transfer to PC

Now you that you know how to transfer video to PC, try it for yourself!

Download VideoPad Video Editing Software:

Simply download and install VideoPad Video Editor to start transferring video to PC.

Download VideoPad Video Editing Software