How to Trim a Video

A guide to demonstrate how to trim a video using VideoPad

VideoPad is a fully featured video editor that lets you easily trim your videos in minutes.

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  1. Click Open on the Home tab toolbar to add a video. You may also click CTRL +O or drag and drop a file or folder into the File bin. Click Open to Add a Video.

  2. Drag and drop your video from the Video File bin onto the sequence timeline. Drag and drop video to sequence timeline

  3. You can trim the start or end of the sequence by hovering the mouse over the start or the end of a clip. When the cursor changes to the resizing cursor, click and drag to the new start or end time.

    If you drag your mouse inward, you will trim the video until you release your mouse. If you drag your mouse outward, you can reverse a trim.

    Note: You can drag the new start or end trim all the way to the original clip start or end because VideoPad uses non-destructive editing. If there are clips adjacent to the clips you are trimming, the adjacent clips will automatically adjust their position. Trim the Start or End of a sequence.

  4. To trim a clip in the preview window either from the media bin or from the sequence, click on it to select it. In the clip preview, move the cursor on the timeline to where you want to start and then click the red start bracket to set the start time. Move the cursor to where you want to end the clip and click the blue close bracket to set the end time. You can click and drag the bracket on the clip preview timeline to adjust them.

    Note: If you have a precise time point, click on the number above the start or end button to enter the time. Set start and end time.

  5. Once you are finished, click the Save Project button on the home tab to save your VideoPad project. To export your video, select Video File from the Export Video button dropdown. Follow the steps in the Wizard to save your file in the desired format.

    Note: If you export your new file to the same folder as the original file in the same format, it will overwrite the original file. Use a different file name if you would like to have both the original and the edited file. Click Save Project when you are finished.

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