Create a Streaming Audio Server Using Broadwave

If you have limited knowledge on steaming audio over the web then broadcasting live and pre-recorded audio may seem a little daunting. This explains how to create your own server with just a little knowledge using a free software application.

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  1. Start by downloading BroadWave Streaming Audio Server and install.
  2. Click on the setup exe to begin the install process.
  3. Once you have installed the application open it and click the Settings button from the main interface toolbar. Here you can set up your live inputs(microphones, call recorders) and your pre-recorded audio files.
  4. You will also need to set up your connection to the outside world so that potential listeners can access the audio playing from the server. This is where it may get a little tricky. If you connect to the internet via an Internet Service Provider you will most likely have a dynamic IP address (also known as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP, assigned from your service provider) so you will need to go through the routing information provided. If you are a little wary about this step then simply ask a friend who is good with computers and modems.
  5. Once you have the routing figured out you can then click on the Connect button from the main interface and a web page will open in your browser with the links you need to post on your website for your listeners to click on. Broadwave will provide links for your broadband listeners and dial up connections.
  6. Unless you are confident with audio compression you can let Broadwave handle all the finer details for you.
  7. Now you are ready to start your live, or recorded, broadcasts.

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Download BroadWave here:

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Simply download and install BroadWave to begin