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Increasing your typing speed can bring a multitude of rewards into your career. Faster speeds can often make for higher productivity which essentially can lead to promotions and income raises at work. KeyBlaze is perfect for all skill levels; challenging enough for seasoned users to be engaged, and easy to get started for the beginning typist. Learn how to increase your typing speed and get rewarded for this skill today.

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  1. To begin, download KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Software Follow the installation process to successfully run the program: KeyBlaze typing interface.

  2. We recommend starting with a typing test to discover your WPM baseline. In the Getting Started Wizard that appears after download, select your level from the user type dropdown. In the next window, you will be asked if you would like to take a Skill Test. Select, “Yes, let’s test my speed.” Take tye typing speed test to get started.

  3. After taking the assessment, set a goal WPM. Set a goal WPM.

  4. There are many options to choose from to train your fingers. Click on one of the tabs at the top of the screen to get started. Choose from lessons, games, and various practice exercises to learn and test your typing speed and accuracy.

    KeyBlaze games are intuitive and fun. To choose a game, select the Games tab. These games are a fun way to challenge yourself and beat your previous high scores. The faster and more accurate you type, the better your score will be. Improve your typing with games such as 30 Seconds to Type

  5. For the beginner, we suggest starting with the lessons. They will teach you how to use the keyboard starting with the basics. KeyBlaze also offers lessons that will test even the most skilled users. Improve your skills with special characters and the 10 key number pad. You can select a lesson from the Lessons tab. Select a lesson for any skill level.

  6. If you accidentally miss a character during one of the lessons, KeyBlaze will notify you and point to the character you missed. You will not be allowed to move forward with your typing activity until you fix your mistake: Learn to correct your typing mistakes.

  7. On the Results tab, set higher WPM goals, view your high scores or reset your results, all which will help you increase your typing speed. You can also add additional users on this tab, so that the entire family can learn to type with their own goals and results. The results tab lets you view your progress, adjust settings, and add new users.

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