How to Keep Track of Expenses with MoneyLine Personal Finance Software

A guide on keeping track of personal expenses in MoneyLine

Have you ever had your expenses get away from you? If you feel intimidated by your own bank account, it might be time to rethink how you keep track of expenses. Luckily with MoneyLine Personal Finance Software, you can easily stay organized and in control of your finances in just a few steps.

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    1. Download Moneyline Personal Finance Software

    Download and install MoneyLine Personal Finance Software and launch the program on your computer. Download Moneyline

    2. Link Your Accounts

    In the main toolbar, navigate to the Account button and click on Add Account from the dropdown to start linking your accounts. Select the account type whether it is a Checking, Savings, Credit Card, or Investment account. Link your financial institution so it can automatically download the transaction history and directly send future information to MoneyLine.

    Link Your Accounts

    3. Categorize Your Expenses

    Organize your transaction history into different categories such as rent, food, travel, shopping, entertainment and more. Double click the transaction to edit or right-click and select Edit Transaction.

    Under the category section, select the appropriate category from the dropdown. You can also select a Sub-Category to further categorize your expense.

    To add a new category, select the Category button in the main toolbar. Give a name to the category and select whether the category is an expense or income. If you want the new category to be a sub-category, select the parent category to which the category should be assigned.

    Categorize Your Expenses

    4. Add a Budget

    Create a budget to help you make better decisions about your finances by providing you opportunities to save money, set goals and help plan for future expenses.

    On the main toolbar, click on the Budget button and select Add. Enter a unique name and choose the accounts you want to include in the budget.

    Enter your monthly income and monthly expenses in the appropriate categories.

    Add a Budget

    5. View Your Reports

    Moneyline budgeting software has a range of reports that can give you a quick visual representation of how much of each category represents your total expenses, how much you spend and where you can look to cut down.

    In the left-hand column, navigate to the Reports section and select the Income/Expenses by Category report to see how much of each category represents your total expenses for a given time period or select the Budget report to see how you’re keeping track of your expenses against your budget and where you can look to cut down.

    View Your Reports

    There you have it. You can now easily keep track of expenses and help you become more aware of what you are spending and where you are spending it. Download free the best expense report software today.

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