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Email settings for Express Invoice (including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Comcast)

  1. Open your email settings in Express Invoice by clicking the Options button on the toolbar
  2. Select Other from the list on the left
  3. Click the Email Settings... button
  4. Select the radio button for Use SMTP to send email directly to the mail server
  5. Enter the server address in the SMTP mail host text box (this varies depending on your email client)
    • Gmail:
    • Yahoo: or (if email address ends in
    • Hotmail/MSN/
    • AOL:
    • Comcast:
    • Other: Contact your mail provider for your SMTP server address
  6. Check the box labeled Server requires authentication
  7. Enter your User Name, (e.g.,, and your Password in the appropriate text boxes
  8. Check the box labeled Use secure connection (SSL/TLS) if available
    Please note: Comcast users should skip this step
  9. Enter your email address into the Default reply email textbox
  10. Click OK to save your changes.
If you are using a Gmail account, you will need to do additional work:
  1. Log into your Gmail account, and go to this page.
  2. Make sure the option "Allow less secure apps" is set to ON.
  3. Confirm all settings within Express Invoice, and then test emailing an invoice.


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