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Can I link Express Invoice to Inventoria to update inventory?

To link Express Invoice and Inventoria, they both need to be installed on the same machine.

  1. Click Options on the Express Invoice toolbar
  2. Select Inventory from the list on the left
  3. Select the Allow Express Invoice to synchronize with Inventoria checkbox
  4. Enter the Access Authentication Code
    • This is a code that you create. You will enter it in both Inventoria and Express Invoice.
  5. Enter the IP Address
    • This is found in Inventoria
    • Click the Options button on the Inventoria toolbar
    • Go to the Other tab
    • Click the Advanced Settings button
    • Make sure that the Allow Express Invoice, Express Accounts or Copper to synchronize with Inventoria checkbox is selected
    • Go to the Web Access tab
    • Select the checkbox for either Local Network: or Internet
    • Copy the IP address to Express Invoice
    • Do NOT include http:// or anything after the :. For example, if the Local Network IP Address is "", enter "" in the IP Address field.
  6. Enter the Port number
    • Inventoria has a default Port number of 1097
  7. Enter the Location name
    • Click the Retrieve Locations button to import the Inventoria existing locations
    • Use the dropdown list to select which location you would like to update
  8. Click the Update Now button to synchronize with Inventoria


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