PhotoStage Tutorial

PhotoStage slideshow creator makes it easy to create dynamic photo slideshows you will be proud to share with friends and family.

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Getting Started with PhotoStage

This video will show you around the PhotoStage interface. You will learn what the different parts of your screen are and how to add photos, videos and audio to your slideshow timeline.

Using the Slideshow Wizard

This video guides you through the slideshow wizard and the different options available when you use it. This is the fastest, easiest way to put a slideshow together.

Adding Photo, Video and Audio Files

This video shows you how to add media files to your slideshow. It also shows you how to sort your slides in the media bin, add your slides to the slideshow timeline and add blank slides.

Adding Transitions

This video shows you how to add transitions to your slideshow automatically. It also shows you how to change a transition or edit the transition duration of a single slide or of all of the slides in your slideshow.

Editing Slides and Adding Effects

This video show you how to make edits such as brightness to your slide and add effects such as mirror or cartoon.

Adding Text

This video shows you how to use text templates and how to create your own text overlays.

Adding Music and Narrations

This video shows you how to add a soundtrack, a narration or both to your slideshow. It also shows you how to add a fade, change the length of your audio file and how to add audio effects.

Adding an Image Overlay

This video shows you how to add image overlays to your slides.

Export Your Slideshow

This video shows you how to export your completed slideshow to share online or as a file.

Note: the tutorials on this page are for PhotoStage beginning with version 3.51. For tutorials on other NCH Software products see the NCH Software YouTube Channel.

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PhotoStage slideshow software lets you combine still photos, video clips, music and narration to create memorable slideshow movies that are easy to share.

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