NCH Software Re-Branding

See how you can get your own rebranded NCH software.

NCH Software can build a standard custom version of any of our Windows desktop applications. This customization allows you to create a brand image and refers to customers to you for more sales. See below for a full explanation of what the customization includes. For a full list of our software, please see our complete software list.

1. Splash Screen

The splash screen is displayed every time you run the application.
A standard customization allows you to change the following:
  1. Your name / URL in the 'distributed by' area
  2. Your logo / graphics as the splash screen
The logo / graphic image dimensions should be 421 pixels wide and 228 pixels high.

2. Help Menu

The help menu can be found on the file menu toolbar in any of our applications.

As part of a standard customization we include your logo, name, and website just as they are displayed on the splash screen. Your website can link to a web page of your choice.

For registered resellers, the Purchase link is redirected to your website.

3. About Box

The about box is displayed when a user selects 'About [program name]...' from the bottom of the help menu.

As part of a standard customization you may include your company details including your name and website. Your website can link to a web page of your choice.

For registered resellers, the Purchase Online link is redirected to your website.

Standard customization specifications

Including what you need to supply us with...

This is what we will need from you:

  1. Your company name
  2. Display web site [e.g.]
  3. Full URL to your web site from the Help page [e.g.]
  4. Your purchase page URL [If you are an active NCH Software reseller and sell online]
  5. Splash screen image (421x228)

Things to know:

It should be noted that:
  • Copyright notice will not be removed
  • The name of the application cannot be changed
  • Purchase and information URLs will be redirected or removed (at your request).
  • The cost is per application and per version (free or licensed).
  • Only Windows desktop applications can be rebranded, NOT Mac, iPhone, Linux, or Windows Mobile applications.
  • We will not do any other customizations of the software program.
  • You will receive a setup.exe which you can host or distribute however you wish.

How to proceed to have software rebranded...

What to do next

To proceed to have software rebranded, please click here to fill out the form on the right here and select Custom Branding and note the name of the software application you would like rebranded and the version [if multiple versions are available].

Once we receive your email, an invoice will be emailed along with payment instructions.

Once the invoice has been paid, please provide us with the following information:

  1. Your business name as you want it displayed
  2. Your website URL for display on the splash screen, and a website URL from the Help dropdown [if different from the display URL
  3. The URL that you would like to redirect your clients to when they click on 'Purchase' [if you are an active NCH reseller and sell online].
  4. Splash screen image that is 421w x 228h pixels in 16 or 256 color bitmap or jpeg (bmp or jpg file)

Please Note:

Please allow for up to 2 weeks from the time the information and images are provided to us for the application to be rebranded.