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How do I use Green Screen?

Green Screen is easy to use in VideoPad. You'll need two video clips on your main sequence: the background image on a lower track (such as Video Track 1) and the main object on a higher track (such as Video Track 2). For best results, the background of the main object (which you'll remove) must be a very consistent color (e.g., without highlights or shadows), and that same color must not appear on actors or objects if you don't want to remove the color there as well.

The Green Screen effect is in the Video Effects dialog, which you can open by clicking the Effects button. From the Video Effects dialog, click the drop menu at the top and select Green Screen and click Add to add the effect to the Applied Effects list. Click the Configure Effect button to open the Green Screen Select dialog.

Select the color you want to remove by clicking on a color in the clip preview, or by clicking on the color picker control. Change the Background and Foreground values to adjust how similar a color has to be to the selected color for it to be removed.

The Background value can not exceed the Foreground value. As you move one slider, the other may move automatically, to maintain this relationship.


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