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Preview playback is slow and shows 'Buffering' message

If you are seeing the 'Buffering... Please wait.' message while previewing video in VideoPad, it means that your video can not be rendered for preview in real-time.

The performance of the video preview player depends on many factors, including:

  • The specifications of your computer
  • Running other resource demanding applications at the same time
  • The complexity of your VideoPad project
  • The preview settings of VideoPad

How to increase the performance of the preview

  • Upgrade your computer. More RAM and a faster CPU will always help. Also consider a solid state drive (SSD) to speed up reading of media and cache.
  • Close other applications while using VideoPad. Examples of resource demanding applications include video players and 3D games.

Note: The performance and quality seen in the preview does not represent what will be seen after the video is finally exported from VideoPad. The final export will generally look much better.


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