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Disketch Disc Label Software Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About Disketch Disc Label Software".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 3 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

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Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 3.37

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2015-07-23

Version 3.35

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2015-06-05

Version 3.33

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-12-25

Version 3.32

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-09-20

Version 3.31

Windows Release
  • Increase undo/redo limit
  • Uploaded 2014-09-11

Version 3.30

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-08-27

Version 3.24

Windows Release
  • Implement project auto-saving
  • Change the name "Add Details" to "Copy CD Info" or something like that.
  • Support image background
  • Uploaded 2014-08-15

Version 3.23

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-07-05

Version 3.21

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-06-04

Version 3.18

Windows Release
  • Add Infobar prompts based on usage
  • Export designs to PDF
  • Uploaded 2014-05-08

Version 3.15

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2013-12-08

Version 3.11

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-11-01

Version 3.10

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2013-07-06

Version 3.08

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2013-06-21

Version 3.07

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-05-29

Version 3.06

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2013-05-23

Version 3.05

Windows Release
  • Create a project for a burned disc from Express Burn via the command line
  • Added button on the toolbar and a keyboard shortcut for editing label layout
  • Uploaded 2013-05-16

Version 3.04

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-01-26

Version 3.03

Windows Release
  • Additional Bubble Tips to help new users get started
  • Added Blu-ray cover inserts
  • Improvements to text inline editing
  • Support for additional print template layouts
  • Uploaded 2013-01-04

Version 3.01

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2012-11-26
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