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FlexiStation Employee Client Versions

To find out what version of the software you are currently using, click Help on the menu bar at the top of the program's window (not the Help button on the toolbar), and then click "About FlexiStation Employee Client".

Please be aware if you purchased more than 3 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version. For upgrade pricing go to with your old registration ID number and Key.

If you want to try the current version with the option to restore your older version, please backup your Program Files sub folder containing the software for Windows, or copy the app from your Applications folder to a backup location for Mac OS

Click the appropriate button to download the latest version of this software:

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Build Version Logs Follow:

Version 1.90

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-08-06

Version 1.89

Mac OS X Release
  • Uploaded 2014-07-22

Version 1.88

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2014-06-24

Version 1.87

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2013-07-04

Version 1.86

Windows Release
  • Uploaded 2012-10-30

Version 1.85

Windows Release
  • Take screenshots more frequently when suspicious activity is detected
  • Uploaded 2012-10-18

Version 1.84

Mac OS X FlexiStation Version Release:
  • Fixed FlexiStation should handle the "About to shutdown" message and allow the application to quit
  • Uploaded 2012-02-06

Version 1.83

Windows FlexiStation Version Release:
  • Done you have been Idle message persists long after Flexi has returned to active
  • Fixed correct the spelling 'FlexiStaion'
  • Uploaded 2012-01-24

Version 1.82

Mac OS X FlexiStation Version Release:
  • Fixed prohibited urls donnot work in some cases. So, it's possible to open prohibited sites
  • Fixed if a big image was uploaded to the profile (may be mistakenly) app cannot upload it and starts disconnected and connected each 20-30 seconds
  • Fixed Mac version cannot sort automatically users in the list
  • Fixed Mac version should not show '*.EXE' as example because it's Windows example not for Mac
  • Done notify the User Via Bubble Tip when Cannot Connect to Server
  • Uploaded 2011-11-16

Version 1.81

Windows FlexiStation Version Release:
  • Fixed fails to run on 10.7
  • Fixed Intel version crashes every 5 mins
  • Fixed [FlexiStation-Mac] Help does not seem to be working.
  • Fixed Flexistation goes unresponsive when you add a profile image
  • Uploaded 2011-11-03

Version 1.80

Windows FlexiStation Version Release:
  • Done add more shortcuts
  • Fixed is it possible to use Google Chrome in order to access prohibited web sites
  • Fixed Flexi may misidentify banned websites
  • Done add option to remove profile picture
  • Done alphabetise the "Leave Form" pull-down list
  • Uploaded 2011-04-29

Version 1.77

Windows FlexiServer Version Release:
  • Fixed the 'Setup Wizard: Add Employees' page clears all fields if an error exists in specified data.
  • Done improvements to Document Usage Report
  • Done Do not use ?????, but use '[Not Available Admin]'
  • Done option to email security log weekly to manager.
  • Uploaded 2012-10-30

Version 1.76

Windows FlexiServer Version Release:
  • Fixed no error message when login as user for accessing administrative options
  • Done screenshots and Captions must be separate settings
  • Fixed 'add leave form' page entry shows server dates
  • Done if show captions is off do not show the hyphen '-'
  • Done log the IP addresses, Mac and Machine name of the User
  • Done keep track of clients location
  • Done log WM_TIMECHANGE in the security log
  • Done log in the security log whenever user runs the clock application
  • Done email Should State the Name of the Deleted Leave
  • Fixed wrong date in generated email for leave notification
  • Fixed time Difference and Unauthorized PC warnings are not added to Security Log.
  • Fixed an alert message is not displayed when user deletes 'DefaultTeam team. On clicking 'Ok' button, it just refresh the page.
  • Done pull down lists on report pages should have 'All' as an option
  • Fixed on entering long data in 'Comments' and clicks on 'Ok' button, data of 'Author' and 'Status' columns misaligned at 'User Leave Report' page.
  • Uploaded 2012-10-23

Version 1.75

Windows FlexiServer Version Release:
  • Fixed main link should not be active in main page of FlexiServer
  • Fixed changes is not changing after clicking on "Discard changes" button.
  • Fixed sorting by hours works wrong
  • Fixed the User drop-down list is unnecessary in all own productivity reports.
  • Fixed no error message when From & To Date field blank - Also error message when From or To Date field blank is not correct
  • Fixed improper activation of some controls on the "Setup Wizard:: SMTP Settings" page:
  • Done 'User leave report' page should have toolbar to allow selecting time period, not just year.
  • Done New Hours Worked Re port
  • Done change "No connection Notice" email for new users to 10 days from 2.
  • Done rename "Is Monitor" to "Is Monitor Only (no tracking of this user)" to avoid confusion
  • Fixed Session Expired message shows on first run
  • Fixed options page tab 'Web access' has gone missing.
  • Uploaded 2012-09-19

Version 1.74

Windows FlexiStation Client Version Release:
  • NOTE: The internal software version number was NOT increased for this release; the splash screen still says it is "FlexiStation v 1.73", the previous release.
  • No changes to client application; released on same date as new FlexiServer version 1.67 for Windows release
  • Uploaded 2009-11-04

Version 1.73

Windows FlexiStation Client Version Release:
  • Fixed missing MEO Encryption Software icon in 'Install Related Tools' dialog (shown during installation)
  • Uploaded 2009-10-31

Version 1.72

Windows FlexiStation Client version Release:
  • Fixed failure to work when waking from sleep each morning
  • Fixed problem with column resizing when GUI is minimized then re-opened
  • Fixed bug causing queries about a phone
  • Uploaded 2009-10-20

Version 1.71

Windows FlexiStation Client version Release:
  • Added option to integrate Express Talk telephone usage
  • Fixed problem of FlexiStation sometimes hanging when autorunning
  • Fixed validation on user inputs in 'Options - General' for timing of Notification Bubbles to prevent the acceptance of character (non-numeric) data
  • Uploaded 2009-07-22

Version 1.70

Windows FlexiServer Version Release:
  • Done highlight Employees in list with pending leave requests
  • Done allow leave entries to go into the next year
  • Add new feature "Email mornitoring"
  • Fixed 'viewsecuritylog' page. Typo 'FlexiStaion forcefully closed by user.'.
  • Done there are the text links in the Help.
  • Done add Report Title to the top of each report page
  • Fixed unlinked navigation in Edit mode for web version
  • Done change the new user based URL allow list to be a comma separate list
  • Uploaded 2011-04-29

Version 1.70

Mac OS X FlexiStation Client version Release:
  • Fixed inability to log more than a few minutes
  • Fixed User List not appearing for a long time after start-up
  • Fixed frequent hangs while editing checkboxes in 'Preferences - General'
  • Uploaded 2008-12-19

Version 1.69

Windows FlexiServer version Release:
  • Added new email monitoring feature (only manager can see the email monitoring)
  • Uploaded 2010-02-13
Linux FlexiStation Client version Release:
  • Fixed memory leak bug
  • Uploaded 2008-09-03

Version 1.68

Windows FlexiServer version Release:
  • Added highlighting of employees in list with pending leave requests
  • Changed to allow leave entries to go into the next year
  • Uploaded 2009-12-19
Linux FlexiStation Client version Release:
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Uploaded 2008-07-21

Version 1.67

Windows FlexiServer version Release:
  • Added new report feature
  • Fixed addition and display of user photos
  • Fixed adding manual hours in user detail page.
  • Fixed option for sending email to remind user when private-like programs have been used under working mode"
  • Fixed problem with Search button when opening Web Control Panel
  • Uploaded 2009-11-04
Linux FlexiStation Client version Release:
  • Fixed inability to log more than a few minutes
  • Fixed user list appearing a long time after start
  • Uploaded 2008-07-15

Version 1.66

Windows FlexiServer version Release:
  • Added weblet wizard
  • Added Explorer bar
  • Added report feature to view Leave for multiple users on one page
  • Added photo option (user can upload her/his photo from Flexstation, and others can view photo from Flexistation's 'Tools - View Picture')
  • Changed so that the Web Control panel opens at completion of software installation
  • Changed layout of setup wizard
  • Fixed duplication of Leave, inaccuracy in Leave days
  • Removed the 'Enable Web
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