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How do I allow my friends to view my videos streamed from BroadCam?

If you don't have a website, users can connect directly to your pc across the web using your public IP address followed by the port number you have Broadcam running on. eg:

To find out your public IP, go to

Next you will need to allow access through your internet modem/router. The easy way to do this is to open Options in BroadCam and click the 'Run Web Routing and Test Wizard' button. This will attempt to open the required port on your modem/router for you, if your router supports this.

If successful you can send the Public Network link listed in that section of the Options to your friends. They can enter this address into their internet browser to connect to your streams.

If, after running the wizard, the ‘Current Status’ underneath the button says 'Router Configuration Required', please see below for details on forwarding the port manually.

Forwarding the port manually in your modem/router:
To set up port forwarding, you need to get into your Modem/Router configuration. To get into your Modem/Router configuration, you need to find its IP address.

Step 1: Getting IP addresses

  • Click the Windows Start icon -> Run -> type 'cmd' then hit enter. (otherwise you can browse for the 'Command Prompt' in Accessories)
  • When the Command Prompt opens, type 'ipconfig' then push enter.
  • Write down the 'Default Gateway' number, and the 'IP address' number. (If using Vista or 7 it may be called 'IPv4 Address'.

Step 2: Getting into your Modem/Router

  • Open up your browser
  • Up the top in the address bar where you would normally type in, please enter the 'Default Gateway' number that you wrote down before, then push enter.
  • You should now be looking at your Modem/Router login page.
  • Username is generally admin, or Admin
  • Password is generally blank, admin, Admin, default, Default, password, Password, dlink, cisco, 123456 or whatever you have changed it to. (it may also be written on the bottom of the unit)

Step 3: Forwarding the Port (please see for information on how to do this with your Modem/Router, or click here to see a video tutorial on how to do this.)

  • Look around for something that says Port Forwarding, Firewall Rules, Administration, etc.
  • Once in to the correct section, please forward the following port for both tcp and udp traffic to your computer's IP address that you wrote down earlier. (not the gateway number)
  • Port: 86 by default. (if you have changed the port in BroadCam's Options, use the new port number that you have set)

If you still have troubles after forwarding the ports, please check the Windows firewall, third party Firewalls, and especially Anti Virus Firewalls, are not blocking ports. (probably easiest to turn them off to test with). View our tutorial series on connecting server-based software to the internet at


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