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What cameras and video capture devices does Debut for Mac support?

USB Video Class (UVC) Cameras

Any USB Video Class (UVC) camera should work in Debut. Mac OS X has had native support for UVC devices since version 10.4.3. If a camera works in PhotoBooth, iChat or FaceTime out of the box, then it is most likely UVC compliant. Most new USB cameras are UVC devices.

Non-UVC Cameras

Debut is able to support some non-UVC cameras using an open-source driver named macam. A list of cameras supported by macam is available at

To use a non-UVC camera in Debut:

  1. Download the latest macam disk image from
  2. Double click the dmg file (e.g., macam.0.9.2.dmg) to see the contents in Finder.
  3. Launch Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities) and run the following command:
    sudo cp -pr /Volumes/macam/macam.component /Library/QuickTime
  4. Enter the administrator password when prompted.
  5. Quit Debut if it's already running.
  6. Connect the camera, launch Debut and press the Device toolbar button. The non-UVC camera should be automatically used if there are no other connected devices. Otherwise, it can be selected in Preferences -> Devices.

Video Capture Devices

Some USB video capture devices, such as the SIIG USB Video/Audio Capture Device (, can be used in Debut. Third-party software is usually needed to make them work. For example, VideoGlide (

Please see Using the SIIG USB Video Capture Device for details.

FireWire Cameras

Cameras with a FireWire interface, such as DV cameras or Apple's iSight, can work in Debut. If a Firewire connected camera works in Photobooth, iChat or FaceTime then it should work in Debut just like a regular built-in or USB camera.


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