Debut Screen Recording Software

Record video from your computer screen

Record Your ScreenEntire screen or any selected portion

Color & Video EffectsAdjust color settings & add effects

Add Captions & TimestampsAdd text overlays to your video

Every Format ImaginableAll popular video file formats

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Get it Free. A free version of Debut video capture software is available for non-commercial use only. If you will be using Debut at home you can download the free version here. No signup required.

Download Debut Video Recorder SoftwareDownload Debut Video Recorder Software for Windows
Screen Recorder Features
  • Record videos as avi, wmv, flv, mpg, mp4, mov and more video formats
  • Screen capture software records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion
  • Mouse highlighting spotlights the location of the cursor when using screen recorder
  • Ability to show keystrokes in screen recordings
  • Record audio from your microphone and speakers with your video; ideal for recording video conferences and webinars
  • Replace background with image, video or solid color using Green Screen tool
  • Record video alone or video and audio simultaneously
  • Add your own text captions or time stamp your video
  • Add logo or watermark on your video capture
  • Change color settings and video effects before recording
  • Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for capture
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo or Flickr
  • Burn recordings directly to DVD with Express Burn Disc Burner
  • Time lapse video recording
  • Create photo snapshots of a video at any time
  • Create screencast videos easily
  • Edit your recorded video with VideoPad Video Editor Software
  • Record a demonstration of problems on your computer to get better technical support

Record anything you want from your computer screen

Debut is Great for recording webcams
Debut is Great for recording live videos
Debut is Great for recording streaming games

Debut is great for recording your screen, webcams, live video, streaming games, and plenty more!

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Screen Recording Software Screen Selections
Debut records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion. Debut also supports multi-screen recording so you can record all your monitors.
Record selected area, a single window or the entire screen.

Record Meetings on Your Computer
Automatically record scheduled online meetings even if you are not there. Set the start and end time, and schedule it to record one time, daily or weekly.
Automatically record scheduled meetings

Add Captions to your Captured Videos
Debut lets you add captions to your video recordings. Personalize your video recording captions with the built-in text editor.
Add captions and text as you record from your screen, webcam, or video capture device.Add captions and text to streaming video capture software

Handy Video Color Adjustments
When you adjust the color settings and effects of your streaming video, the results can be seen instantly in the main window and captured when you hit record. Adjusting the brightness, contrast and gamma is perfect for lesser quality cameras whose image quality is not quite right.

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Flexible Video Output Settings
Choose the size and frame rate used to capture your screencast video. Debut has a list of common output settings for TV and HD that you can select, or enter the width and height yourself for a custom output. This flexibility makes Debut perfect for people creating videos for many different outputs (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, CD or television).
Resize and adjust before you record video.

Webcam overlay
Use video overlay to record your screen and webcam simultaneously. This feature of the webcam software is perfect for YouTube videos where you want to show both your screen and your facial reactions simultaneously.

Download Video Capture SoftwareUse video overlay to record your screen and webcam simultaneously

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Recording your computer screen has never been this easy
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Works onWindowsWindows andMacMac

System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • macOS 10.5 or above
  • Optional USB video capture device or Webcam
Screen Recording in 3 Simple Steps
Step 1: Select recording source Step 1: Select recording source
Step 2: Select recording window Step 2: Select recording window
Step 3: Hit the record button Step 3: Hit the record button
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How to schedule a screen recording

Plan an automatic recording session and rest assured your video is captured at the desired time, even when you are not there to press the Record button.

Step 1: Open recording options Step 1: Open recording options
Step 2: Set up a scheduled session Step 2: Set up a scheduled session
Step 3: Starts automatically Step 3: Starts automatically
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How to add a watermark

Add a watermark to your video recording using an image of your choice. Easily adjust the opacity, size and position of your watermark image.

Step 1: Select Watermark effect Step 1: Select Watermark effect
Step 2: Select your image file Step 2: Select your image file
Step 3: Position and record Step 3: Position and record
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Powerful Screen Recording Software

Easily record quality videos from your computer screen, webcam, network camera or external device with just a few clicks.

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