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What are supported printers for direct-to-disc printing?

Manufacturer Printer Model
  • PIXMA i865, i965, i9950, iP3000, iP4000, iP4000R, iP4840, iP4200, iP4300, iP4500, iP4600, iP4700, iP4800, iP4920, iP5000, iP5200R, iP5300, iP6000, iP6000D, iP6600D, iP6700D, iP7250, iP7420, iP8500
  • PIXMA MG5140, MG5240, MG5250, MG5350, MG6120, MG6140, MG6150, MG8120, MG8140, MG8150, MP500, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP630, MP640, MP750, MP760, MP780, MP790, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP950, MP960, MP970, MP980, MP990, MX850
  • PRO-1, PRO-10, PRO-100; Pro 9000, 9000 Mark II, 9500, 9500 Mark II
  • Artisan 50, 700, 710, 720, 725, 800, 810
  • EP-301, EP-801A, EP-901A, EP-901F
  • PM-870C, PM-890C, PM-900C, PM-920C, PM-A820, PM-A840, PM-A840S, PM-A890, PM-A900, PM-A920, PM-A940, PM-A950, PM-A970, PM-930C, PM-950C, PM-970C, PM-980C, PM-4000PX, PM-D750, PM-D770, PM-D800, PM-D870, PM-D1000, PM-G700, PM-G720, PM-G730, PM-G800, PM-G820, PM-G860, PM-G900, PM-G4500, PM-T960, PM-T990
  • PX700W, PX800FW; PX-5600, PX-G930, PX-G920, PX-G5100, PX-G5300
  • RX580, RX585, RX610, RX680, RX685, RX690,
  • TX700W, TX800FW
  • Stylus C60, C86; Stylus Photo 890, 900, 920, 950, 960, 970, 1390, 1400, 1410, 2100, 4000PX, P50, PX660, PX720WD, PX820FWD, R200, R210, R220, R230, R260, R265, R270, R280, R285, R290, R295, R300, R300M, R310, R320, R340, R350, R360, R380, R390, R800, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2100, R2880, R3000, RX560, RX580, RX590, RX595, RX615, RX640, RX650, RX700, T50, T59, TX650, TX659, TX710W
  • XP-600, XP-850
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • C5240, C5250, C5270, C5273, C5275, C5280, C5283, C5288, C5290, C5293, C5380, C5550, C5580
  • D5145, D5155, D5160, D5168, D5360, D5363, D5368, D5400, D5460, D5500, D7500, D7560
  • MFC-j825DW, MFC-j835DW, MFC-j925DW
  • AutoPrinter
  • Disc Publisher
  • Blu Disc Publisher
  • D20 Disc Publisher
  • G3, GX, MX Disc Publisher


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