How to Add Sound Effects to The Audio Playing on your Speaker

Enhance Audio Playing on Your Computer

The addition of live effects to any audio can be both exciting and imaginative. DeskFX allows your creativity to be unleashed and add live effects to any audio that is heard through your speakers or headphones. Improve the quality of your audio and add your own twist to them easily and intuitively with DeskFX Audio Enhancer.

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  1. After you have downloaded DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software run the application. The interface will look like this: DeskFX main interface screenshot

  2. DeskFX gives you the option to amplify and enhance your audio using 10+ effects. Choose from Echo, Wah-Wah, Distortion and many more. Make sure the Power button on the interface is turned “OnThe 'More Effects' menu options include Echo, Flanger, Wah-Wah, Vibrato, Tremolo and Distortion

  3. DeskFX truly shows its intuitiveness when it comes to its editing interface as it allows you to view the interface in three different modes; Visual, Graphic and Parametric. Choose the one that best suits you:
    View the equalizer in Visual, Graphic and Parametric modes

  4. Amplify the Bass, Echo, or Vibrato to the adjustment you will like. It is that simple! Adjusting these different aspects of any sound, will make for a better listening experience for you and your audience.

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