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How does the motion detector work?

When a camera detects motion (for instance someone moving) it can respond in several ways:

Change Camera
  1. Click the Options button on the toolbar
  2. Go to the Main Display tab
  3. Select the Alert and display on motion radio button to change the main display to the camera detecting motion
    • You can also specify that the main display cycle through any cameras that detect motion by selecting the Automatically loop through cameras radio button and the Show cameras detecting motion from the Change mode: dropdown list.
Record from cameras that detect motion
  1. Click the Options button on the toolbar
  2. Go to the Cameras tab
  3. Select a camera from the list
  4. Click the Properties button
  5. Click the Motion Settings button
  6. Select the Motion detection enabled checkbox
  7. Use the slider to determine the Motion detection sensitivity:
    • When this option is selected video will only be recorded when motion is detected.


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